Kuki Christian Convention at Kalay Myo 2010

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  • Dear Program Director,
    Greetings to you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am very happy
    to share with you few words about our small ministry in coastal AndhraPradesh ,India for your kind concern in Christ.

    GSBM is a Christian charity organization, independent, indigenous,
    Ministries is recognized by our state of Andhra Pradesh Government Society Number; – 269 of 2005 and our organization is non-denominational and has noformal relationship with any one church or organizations at present.

    I believe that our living loving God who created you and me and poor
    children would touch your heart to pour your love and kind compassion poor children. We are in need of your prayers and love, because our Indian government shows partiality regarding Christian people. My heart Touched by James 1:27, (Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.)

    By the grace of God that at present we have 20 orphans who lost their
    parents. The children are growing in the Lord’s care in my presence. We alsogive free education and free food to them through my prayer offering, But itis not sufficient to them for provide all the things because everything costwas raised on sky.

    Please consider as our beloved Christians about our orphan children as like your own children with Jesus heart. One child needs $ 25 per-month for food, clothes and education. Please keep them in your prayers.

    About Co-workers In our Mission:

    Love Each Other Ministries have many Co-pastors/evangelists who are laboring-in the villages among agricultural laborers and also they are unable to maintain their families too. we conduct pastors meetings for learn the truth of God’s word. Our co-workers belong to the very, very poor,but we are committed to equip co-workers and local churches to carry out the Great Commission.

    Our co-workers cover over 25 villages per month with gospel tracks and they preach the gospel, hold Bible studies and establish Churches and growing believers. Most of our co-workers live and worship God in simple thatched roof houses and under trees and even on the side of the road.

    In fact, our co-workers do not have any good house or lands for makingchurch or house. However, we are determined to see that the Lord’s work isdone. Our co-workers are facing many hardships during Gospel Outreach suchas hunger, prejudice, poverty and lack of basic resources.

    For example, our pastors/evangelists don’t even have their own bicycles todo the gospel work in their local areas. Please pray for our Pastors andtheir families. A Pastor and his family maintenance need $ 30 per
    Month. —- A bicycle costs $ 100.

    My church people, my little orphan kids, Pastors and all are request youextend your precious prayers for us as prayer is the direct way to reach Him. We ourselves are praying. You too pray for us.

    Awaiting early reply and thanking you in His name,

    Yours in His service,

    Pastor P. Devadanam,
    Challapalli-521 126,
    Krishna district Andhra Pradesh

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